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Bohemia's Fair Trade Companies - Have Big Rewards...
We offer several choices of Fair Trade, organic cotton and hemp garments
that are sourced to the thread, at very attractive prices.

Consumers are demanding more organic cotton than ever before
and as a result - is allowing the farmers a more competitve edge,
and we're talking a huge impact that directly affects workers and the environment.

As consumers make better choices, these organic garments could become the new standard.
Retailers already know that consumers choose organic cotton - when given a choice,
and with organic cotton sales up 32% in 2010, that market is expected to double this year and it's already our fastest selling garment.

It all comes down to one thing ... Information:
Did you know the cotton industry is among the world's biggest users of pesticides?
Cotton takes up only 3% of the world's farmland, yet uses 25% of the world's pesticides.
That's why choosing organic cotton products can make an exponentially
bigger difference in terms of positive impact. Organic cotton means less
pesticides on our skin, in our water, and eventually, in us.

The Ecosystem.
A whopping 90% of the pesticides sprayed on mass-produced
cotton leaches into the soil, groundwater, and is released into the air.

People and Animals.
All these pesticides in the earth are absorbed in turn by living creatures -in the air we breathe,
in the water we drink, and in the plants we eat.
Not only do these pesticides contaminate our fruits, veggies and herbs, but also our
food animals, as they consume large amounts of pesticide-tainted cotton seed husks.

Slow and steady education, along with your impact as a buyer - is making a change.
Simply put, one organic tee shirt consumes 1/3 of a pound less of chemical pesticides.
Together as printers and consumers, we can create change.
Ask about our handmade inks using pure minerals oxides.
They're the same price as any plastic printing, but totally soft to touch!

Making a Cleaner World, One Impression at a Time.

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